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Sales and Channel Transformation

Customers are rapidly shifting how they learn about and buy products and offerings. At the same time, the tools, data, and analytics that direct sales activity are becoming dramatically more sophisticated. It’s time to transform the go-to-market approach by taking these factors into consideration.

We can help you:

The Four Major Trends Affecting How Sales Forces Work
  • Data-Driven Selling. A digitally savvy marketplace requires advanced marketing analytics, process reengineering, mobile strategies, and deeper analytics.
  • Digitization. Customers are accessing more information online and, in several cases, interacting with, trialing, or even purchasing the product without ever interacting with a seller. Further, a sales force equipped with the right information and anytime, anywhere connectivity can be more responsive and make faster decisions than one that relies on fixed communications.
  • Globalization. Expansion into emerging markets requires local strategies and an investment in local talent and resources.
  • Rebalancing Go-to-Market. Some industry leaders are moving away from expensive field-sales models toward digital and inside sales.

The Benefits of Sales Transformation

It’s time to transform the sales force by merging these new trends with the still powerful, traditional sales force levers of customer targeting, time on task, and messaging. A dedicated program to address sales strategy and effectiveness can drive significant impact in as little as four weeks. Focused frontline transformation efforts can:

  • UNCOVER OPPORTUNITIES FOR IMPROVEMENT: There are many untapped opportunities to increase sales efficiency and effectiveness. Solving key strategic, operational, and organizational sales issues can help businesses thrive in challenging environments.
  • GENERATE TREMENDOUS VALUE: Companies spend a significant share of revenues on sales. Improving sales effectiveness can directly translate into additional revenues. It can also free up resources that can be used to create value elsewhere in the business.
  • OPTIMIZE SALES EFFORTS: The sales function is strongly linked with other company functions, such as marketing and services. True sales transformation requires behavioral changes among managers and staff in these areas. Reducing complexity across the organization can lead significant growth.


How We Can Help

Go-to-market Strategy

Customers, not markets, buy your products, so your go-to-market strategy demands a deep understanding of your customers’ needs and behaviors. Einblick B2B Commercial Excellence helps you sell more—or more profitably—by putting the right offers in front of customers at the right price and time in the most effective channels.

Why Einblick

  • We offer pragmatic go-to-market recommendations that are rooted in a deep understanding of your customers.
  • You gain access, via our B2B Commercial Excellence X-Ray, to Einblick’s unrivaled proprietary database of commercial best practices.
  • We bring deep functional expertise in areas such as sales, marketing, pricing and product management.
  • We mobilize your frontline salesforce and embed the tools, processes and systems changes to ensure that results stick.

What We Offer

  • Understanding the unique needs of shoppers in areas where data is limited and consumer profiles are evolving
  • Managing a multitude of fragmented trade channels (modern and traditional) and partners to execute effectively in this hybrid environment—noting that traditional trade (millions of small trade outlets) is still incredibly important
  • Leveraging next-generation analytics and technology to create step change in the way that go-to-market lands in the field
  • Targeting much smaller segments of consumers to discover hidden pockets of opportunity
  • Einblick Sales Rep Catalyst: Identify the behaviors that produce superior sales performance at your company, and inspire their adoption among your sales reps.
  • Einblick Sales Team Mobilizer: Build a detailed analysis of a market opportunity—and then mobilize your sales teams to attack it.
  • Einblick Sales Compensation Booster: Diagnose compensation-related issues, and design a world-class sales compensation plan.
  • Einblick B2B Commercial Excellence X-Ray: Assess which best practices matter most to your go-to-market strategy, using our proprietary database to benchmark your company against hundreds of others.
  • Product Management / Einblick Offering Management: Reimagine your offerings as an integrated suite that delights customers throughout their journey from discovery to service and support.
  • Elements of Value: Use a framework and empirical basis to identify—in B2C or B2B businesses—what really matters to your customers and how to deliver it most effectively.
  • Einblick Commercial Operating Model: Ensure that you reach your B2B customers with the right omnichannel strategy—and deploy all your selling resources with the right accountability and organization to deliver a winning customer experience.
  • Einblick Commercial Accelerator: Arm your sales force with operational tools tuned to your market so you can aggressively increase profitability and growth—and sustain the results.
  • Einblick Pricing: Set and get the right price, every time.

Results You Can Expect

Value creation

Generate 7%-20% EBITDA growth from projects involving one aspect of B2B Commercial Excellence (e.g., sales incentives, sales rep behaviors).

How We Can Help

The Demand Centric Growth Approach

The Demand Centric Growth approach re-frames the market in a way that highlights new opportunities to grow, while keeping the core in clear focus. Ultimately, we provide support to create an effective growth strategy, including which demand spaces to target, which products or services to offer, what the ideal integrated commercial offering is, and how to structure operations to support those efforts. We have deployed our approach across a wide range of industries, from fast-moving consumer goods, travel, and retail to financial services, healthcare, and technology; the results invariably ignite growth and share gain, and the opportunity is widespread.

Why Einblick

Identifying the Sources of Demand to Fuel Growth

An approach called demand-centric growth helps companies boost revenues and profits and reverse declining sales and margins. It can be applied wherever consumers make choices.

To Boost Impact, Tailor Touchpoints to Customer Needs

We offers a single methodology with which to manage the entire customer journey, from prepurchase to consumption, rooted in a deep understanding of consumer demand.

Prescribing Growth in Pharma with Data Science

Demand Centric Growth reveals the drivers behind doctor and patient decision making so that pharmaceutical companies can redirect their marketing and sales efforts with confidence.

Getting to the Heart of Why Consumers Choose What They Do

We share how Demand Centric Growth helps you throw out your preconceived notions of what drives the market and step back to take a fresh look at the facts.

A Need for the Demand Centric Growth Approach